The Wright Recipe | Summertime Fine Series

Ladies if you’re looking to get the perfect nude lip to fit any swimsuit selection this summer, you’ll need the following…

The Perfect Nude Lip – Ingredients 

  • Lip Liner: Cork (lighter skin) or Chestnut (brown skin) by MAC
  • Lipstick: Velvet Teddy by MAC
  • Gloss:  Primordial Lipglass by MAC or any clear lipgloss


  1. Follow the natural shape of your lips with a lip liner
  2. Smudge the liner in with your finger to diffuse the color so that the liner is not so bold
  3. Apply the lipstick to your inner lip
  4. Apply gloss on top
  5. Now when he asks for nudes, blow him a kiss…

The Wright Team

  • Photographer: @ mr_tyus
  • Creative: @iconglobalgroup
  • Videographer: @dominicfondon
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